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READ What is a "Community Modder"?

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A "Community Modder" is someone who is well-recognized in the community as someone who frequently posts their own mods in this section. They may post here without thread approval, and they also receive a cool user banner! As a bonus, you will get to talk to other Polar-Team members in our private Discord and Telegram servers. This rank can be used to prove to others that you know what you're doing, and not just some random with little experience that learnt to mod a couple of weeks ago. Keep in mind that Community Modders are not Polar Modders.

In the old version of Polarmods, you used to be able to get this rank from posting 3 mods, which admittedly, wasn't a great system. This opened doors to low-quality members, which we are no longer looking for. To gain access to this rank now, you need to consistently demonstrate your skill as an iOS modder. Posting tutorials isn't necessary, but will definitely increase your chances of getting the rank. We mainly look for active posters in this section. We would love to see you helping out other members of the community if they are in need of help, which can be done here.

If you require any assistance, feel free to join our public Discord server here, or our Telegram here.

Not open for further replies.