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READ Request android mod Information & Rules

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Staff member
Polar Testing Team
Oct 1, 2020

ℹ️ Request Android Mods Informations

Feel free to request any game in this forum section as long you following our rules. After creating the Request Mod Thread, wait patiently for your thread to be seen by modders. Our staff will move your thread when modders make the mods you request.

ℹ️ Request Android Mods Rules

We have rules on creating request threads. You have to follow our rules if you don't want your thread to be rejected!

Click spoiler button below to view rules
You need to fill the form correctly!
Missing information such as Playstore link,image etc will make the thread deleted

Dont request the game if someone already make the thread
Creating an existing thread will be considered spam. Breaking this rule will delete the thread

Don't duplicate the request thread
If you dont see your thread, dont worry. Its already posted and need moderator approval to make the thread public

Note:Rules may change anytime
Not open for further replies.