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Announcement Polarmods V2 - Changes!


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The time has finally come! Polarmods V2 has been officially released (after over 2 months :0); you all have been so patient. With this, lots of new changes have arrived.

  • A new marketplace section has been introduced!
  • Awards and levels have been added (which you can see under my username).
  • Direct downloads in our resources section have been added for certain mods.
  • Added support for giveaways.
  • User groups have been remade. User groups now have new modified privileges, and animated banners!
  • Paid mods have become a more apparent theme on the forum.
  • The user interface has been reworked. We now have a user-friendly light and dark theme!
  • Moving from just an APK site, we now support script posting!
  • The forum has been restructured to make it more community-focused. We have also created threads to tell users how to properly post threads in certain sections.
  • Forum anti-spam has been greatly improved.
  • Now accepting various payment methods on user upgrades, including Cryptocurrency!
  • A donation section has been added. Feel free to donate if you're feeling generous.
  • We have introduced our new modding framework (sideloading), with mods for games such as Counter Attack.
  • Thread templates have been reworked.
  • Rules have been updated.
  • Added user introductions.
  • Added sections related to modding news. This is where you will receive news related to modding on both iOS and Android.
  • Removed the shared mods/apps sections.
  • Removed 18+ mods.

If you have any questions about the new update, feel free to join the Polarmods Discord server here, or Telegram here.

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