Awaiting Update PickCrafter v5.2.03 Mega Mod (DLL file)


Verified Modder
Verified Modder
Feb 8, 2020
PickCrafter mega mod is back

Video Preview:
bandicam 2018-12-31 12-59-57-669 - Streamable

Version: v5.2.03
Platform: Windows and Mac OS X
VAC or other anti-cheat: No VAC but have simple anti-cheat which can be bypassed
Internet Connection Required to Play? No

Link to game:

Mod Features:
- 9999 Runic Dust
- 9999 Ender Pearls
- No ability cooldown
- No cost of everything
- Buy chests without Runic.
- Upgrade abilities without quantity but still need picks to upgrade
- Upgrade picaxes without Runic
- No cheat detections. You can use Cheat Engine to hack.
- Instant unlock chests
- Skill increase
- Free artifacts upgrade, reroll and trash
- Very fast furnace block converter
- Some stuff unlocked
- And maybe more...

Installation Instructions:
On Steam, open your game library
Right click on "PickCracter" and select Properties. Click on Local files tab and click on Browser local files
Navigate to \PickCrafter\PickCrafter_Data\Managed, rename original Assembly-CSharp.dll to Assembly-CSharporig.dll
Place modded Assembly-CSharp.dll.
Launch the game and enjoy

Credits to:

Download link(s):

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Jan 25, 2020
That's a nice mod Andnix! This game seems similar to cookie clicker xD
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Jan 25, 2020
It's the real Andnix lol, i talk to him on discord :3

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