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Awaiting Update Last Day On Earth Survival Mod Menu 1.17.1 (Godmode, Magic Split, 1 Hit Kill, Unlock All, Online + More!)


Oct 16, 2020
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⭐Playstore Link:

⭐Mods for this game (In order of mod menu!):
➡ Fake Lag
➡ Godmode
➡ One Hit Kill
➡ Increased Attack Speed
➡ Speed Modifier
➡ Unlimited Points
➡ No Level Requirement
➡ Free Build
➡ Instant Travel
➡ Unlimited Durability
➡ Freeze Enemies
➡ Unlock All Events
➡ Free Travel
➡ Always Shit (Makes Everyone Slow)
➡ Fake Death
➡ Magic Split On Single Items

⭐Mods for this game (Not on the mod menu):
➡ Online Bypassed

➡Apk: [Hidden content]
➡Obb: https://www.mediafire.com/file/r34xdlmgq69qarh/zombie.survival.craft.z2.zip/file
➡Zarchiver Pro: http://exe.io/Xjj5GH


Enjoy!! <3 It would mean so much to me if you could make a video using the mod as it helps the forum grow. Thank you :)

NOTE: If you upload my mod on YouTube, you must leave credits. You must leave a link to my YouTube channel, and one to the forum! Thank you, and enjoy the mod :) Not following this will get your video striked.
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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPhC_x6LBF9zjZAiqBP7FUA
Um does the actual mod menu work online or your just able to go online