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READ How does the "VIP" system work?

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On Polarmods, you have the option to individually purchase VIP for the game you would like VIP access to. To do this, just go here. Upon arriving at the link, you will see that there are a wide-variety of user upgrades.


Upgrades that include the keyword "donator" do not give you VIP access, they just give you additional benefits and help to support the forum. Lets say for instance you were interested in our "Counter Attack" menu. You would scroll down to the following user upgrade;


After choosing your preferred payment method, and completing the payment, you will receive a user upgrade. This user upgrade validates your account when you login to a VIP-only mod, allowing you to play. Without this upgrade, the mod will not work. VIP mods can be downloaded here. If you're not interested in individually purchasing VIP for games, and would rather receive a discount, then purchasing our "packages" is the best way to go! These packages include multiple games in a set genre (for example, FPS), and are better value for your money.


Q : Where can I purchase VIP?

Q : Why VIP so expensive?
It's not expensive; we put in many hours to develop mods, and continue to pour in additional hours to keep them undetected.

Q : I already paid for an upgrade, so, why haven't I received VIP?
Please wait a couple of minutes. Crypto can take up to an hour to validate on the forum (especially Bitcoin!). If it has been over 24 hours, and you still haven't received the upgrade, please message me here.

Q : Can I get VIP for free?
It is possible that we can work out a free-VIP arrangement if you promote our VIP mods on some form of social media (and have an audience). If this is you, please message me here.

Q : Are the VIP mods safe to use? How long will it take to update a mod?
Polarmods is based on quality. Nothing is ever rushed. We try to ensure the safety of our mods against anti-cheat systems, and are therefore safe to use. But, in the rare event that an issue arises, we will announce it on our Telegram or Discord. If a game update is ever released, we will update the mod within 48 hours (otherwise, you will receive extra days as compensation).

Q : Do I need root to use your VIP Mods?
Not all VIP mods require root. Please read the VIP mod thread for your game to find out if that specific mod requires root access.

Q : Can emulators be used with your mods?
It depends on the mod. Please read the VIP mod thread to verify whether or not the mod supports emulator usage.

Q : Where can I report bugs with a mod?
There are many ways you can report a bug. First of all, you can message me here, or send a message in our Discord/Telegram.

Q : I am interested in purchasing, but, I would like more information.
YFirst of all, you can message me here, or send a message in our Discord/Telegram!
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