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Awaiting Update Hide Online Mod Menu 4.1.4 (Godmode, Fake Death, Unlimited Ammo/Grenades/Polymorphs/Charges, + More)


New member
Sep 14, 2020
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⭐Playstore Link:

⭐Mods for this game (in order of mod menu):
➡Unlimited Ammo
➡Unlimited Charges
➡Fake Death For Prop (Your body stays still even when you die)
➡Fake Death For Hunter (Your body stays still even when you die)
➡Godmode For Hunter
➡Godmode For Prop
➡Grenades Don't Explode
➡No Throw Grenade Animation (Useful if you want to shoot at the same time)
➡Unlimited Grenades/Polymorphs
➡Unlock Battlepass
➡Disable Ads
➡Polymorph Spam
➡Grenade Spam

⭐Mods not on the Menu:
➡Bypassed Anti Cheat (you can still get banned if someone reports you!)

➡Apk: [Hidden content]
➡Obb: (Not needed)
➡Zarchiver Pro: http://exe.io/Xjj5GH


Enjoy!! <3 It would mean so much to me if you could make a video using the mod as it helps the forum grow. Thank you :)

NOTE: If you upload my mod on YouTube, you must leave credits. You must leave a link to my YouTube channel, and one to the forum! Thank you, and enjoy the mod :)