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READ General Market Guidelines

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Where there's a market, there are guidelines. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for you to follow them. We do not allow the selling of certain things, which include:

Not Allowed
  • PUBG Mobile - Mods
  • NEW STATE Mobile - Mods
  • Fortnite Mobile - Mods
  • Guns of Boom - Mods
  • Free Fire - Mods
Anything that you sell in this market must be related to video games in some way. This means that accounts, and various other things are allowed. Please do note that we will not middle-man anything, so, the full risk is up to you in the general market. This is why we recommend you to look in the Verified Market to see if what you want exists there. Similarly to the general market, nothing will be middle-manned in the Verified Market, but, only "verified" users may post there. These are users that have became a Community Modder, or higher (such as Staff Members).

  • Game accounts.
  • Game mods (as long as the games are allowed), and anything modding-related.
We have some additional guidelines too, such as:

  • Do not create clones of your thread. Creating more than 1 of your thread will result in your account being punished, and even banned.
  • As with many other forums, you are allowed to "bump" your thread to make it appear as the "newest". Bumping is done through replying to your thread.
  • There will be competition, so, be friendly to one another.
  • OGE: Original email.
  • BIN: Buy it now.
  • C/O: Current offer.
  • POF: Proof of funds.
  • WTS: Wanting to sell.
  • WTB: Wanting to buy.
  • WTT: Wanting to trade.
  • Multi: Someone who makes multiple accounts on the forum.
  • MM: Middle man. This is a person who acts between parties in a deal to prevent scamming.
  • Random: Someone nobody knows; commonly used as an insult.
  • BTC: Bitcoin, a crypto currency.
  • ETH: Ethereum, a crypto currency.
  • PP: PayPal, used for online fund transfers.
  • UID: The user ID associated with a member. (I have UID 1 😎, so I'm cool).
If the provided set of rules are not followed, then your thread will be deleted/not approved. If you have any additional questions, feel free to join our public Discord server or Telegram.

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