General Friday Night Funkin' Newgrounds Invincibility Mod

not bloody likely

Verified Modder
Verified Modder
Mar 10, 2020
Game: Friday Night Funkin'
Device: PC
Game version: 0.2.8 (Newgrounds exclusive preview)

Download: From GitHub

Instructions on how to use:

Open Inspect Element and go into "Sources". If you are on, you have to go down in the Sources menu and find "". Open everything inside it until you find the "assets" folder. Right click the "?ngio_session_id=" file and click "Open in new tab".

Copy the contents of the modded JS file, double click the "Funkin.js" file in the version and press CTRL+A and then CTRL+V. After that, press CTRL+S to save and you're done!
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Sep 15, 2020

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