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PT FREE MOD FRAG Pro Shooter Ver. 1.9.4 MOD MENU | Unlimited Diamonds, Coins, Trophies, Skin Coins | Unlimited Ammo | Godmode | Instant Win | Masskill |+MORE

Hollow Modz

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Polar Modder
Jan 18, 2021

⭐Playstore Link:

➡Root? No
➡Obb Needed? No
➡Game Version: 1.9.4

➡ Unlimited Ammo
➡ Masskill
➡ End Match - Instant Win
➡ Take Hp Away
➡ Telekill
➡ GodMode
➡ Outline Enemy
➡ Unlimited Ability
➡ Speed
➡ Scale Players
➡ Fov
➡ Freeze Bots
➡ Unlimited Coins
➡ Unlimited Diamonds
➡ Unlimited Trophies
➡ Unlimited Skin Coins
➡ Remove Watermark
➡ Custom Crosshair
➡ Chams

Know Bugs:

If You Progress Too Fast Your Data Will Not Upload/Save Leading To *No Connection* Error

-You won't get Unlimited Diamonds, Coins, Skin Coins * yes this can happen just clear game data and do it again at the start like in the video or just follow these steps

1.Start The Game
2. Then Enable Unlimited Diamonds and Coins /Skin coins At The Loading Screen
3.Then Buy Something With Coins / Diamonds

After That You Should Have Unlimited Diamonds and Coins /Skin coins

How to Instant Win:

1.Enable END MATCH Mod
2.Die or Let The Enemy Kill you

After that you should have won with ez *NOTE* If you kill the enemy while the mod is on you lose.

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➡Apk Android 11:
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Discord Server: https://discord.gg/vkZ7Fj2t
If you need help and wanna suggest something, or just comment on my YouTube channel;

1) Remove the original application from your device. This is not needed if you're installing an apk over an application that has the same signature.
2) Download, and install the modded apk.
3) Please note that with signed (non-root) mods, Google Play login is not possible. If Facebook is a login option, and you would like to use it, then please ensure that you remove it from your device.

1) Please ensure that your device is rooted!
2) Fully patch your device using Lucky Patcher. If you don't have Lucky Patcher, you can get it from here. If you haven't fully-patched your device, please follow the below steps;
2a) Open Lucky Patcher, and go to "Toolbox" (on the bottom menu), then select "Patch to Android".
2b) Select "Signature Verification status always True", and "Disable .apk Signature Verification". Then, press "Apply" :D.
2c) Once the patches have applied, reboot your device. Then, re-open Lucky Patcher.
2d) Go back to "Toolbox", then select "Patch to Android". Now select "Disable signature verification in the package manager", and apply.
3) Install the original game from the Playstore, and open it. Login with Google Play if it is an option.
4) Close the game, and install the modded apk over the original game.
5) Note that you can sign in through Google Play with this method! You can also sign-in with your Facebook account without needing to remove the application from your device.

How to register at Polarmods.com + getting a mod!
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