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Announcement Forum Rules - Updated 10/12/2022

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  • Creating a Thread: Before you create a new thread, make sure to look up for the thing that you are trying to post about first, as it could be already posted by someone else. This is to prevent the unnecessary duplication of threads.
  • Thread Title: The thread title must be related to the thread topic. E.g "Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu 1.20.3"
  • Thread Description: If you are posting someone else's work, then make sure to credit the right owner and give a well explained and honest description of it. If you post links with a bad description, then your thread will simply not be approved!
  • Approval: Posting threads in certain sections will require your thread to be approved. To get around this, you need to be a Community Modder, or higher.
  • Spam: Thread spamming will get you, and your alts (if any) banned.

  • Registering on the forum without contributing will get you banned. If your sole purpose is to come here to get free mods, without contributing anything, you are not wanted here.
  • Be kind. Don't bully someone just because they might have less knowledge than you.
  • Don't post inappropriate content, you will be banned.
  • If you're going to post someone else's content, the least you could do is leave credit.

  • Request spamming an award will get you banned. Just be patient, we will get to you!
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