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Awaiting Update Critical Ops Mod Menu 1.23.1.f1335 (ESP, Fly, Anti-Flash, Player Speed, No Recoil, No Spread + More!)


New member
Apr 18, 2021
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⭐Playstore Link:

➡ Root? Yes - Remove license verification with Lucky Patcher through the following steps;
1) Select "Menu of Patches" on Critical Ops in Lucky Patcher.
2) Choose "Remove License Verification".
3) Then select "Auto Modes". Upon clicking this, the next page should have "auto modes" automatically selected.
4) Press "apply".
5) Once that process is done, you can play the game! Enjoy the mod :D

Note: Does work on certain virtual spaces. Be sure to give Lucky Patcher "root privilege's".
➡ Obb Needed? Yes, get it from the Play Store, or the game will crash.
➡ Game Version: 1.23.1.f1335

⭐Mods for this game (in order of mod menu):
➡ Enable ESP
➡ ESP Lines
➡ ESP Boxes
➡ ESP Distance
➡ ESP Health
➡ ESP Armour
➡ ESP 360°
➡ ESP Ping
➡ ESP Colours (White, Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Purple, Cyan, Orange, Pink)
➡ No Recoil
➡ No Spread
➡ Unlimited Ammo
➡ Silence Weapons
➡ Sniper Crosshair
➡ No Sniper Scope Blur
➡ No Dry Fire
➡ Shoot Through Walls
➡ Spinbot
➡ Increased Aim Assist
➡ Anti-Flash
➡ Remove Hand/Gun Models
➡ Make Everyone Crouch
➡ Field of View (slider)
➡ Hitmarker Time (slider)
➡ Player Speed (slider)
➡ Radar
➡ Fly
➡ Custom Fly
➡ Complete Gameplay Tutorial
➡ Complete Practice Tutorial

➡ Apk: <b>[Hidden content]</b>
➡ Obb: Get it from the PlayStore!
➡ Zarchiver Pro: https://direct-link.net/158549/ZArchiver093


Special thanks to @Lorax3D for teaching me the basics of an ESP, and @Slice Cast for help with it.

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