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OUTDATED Bullet Force v1.86.0 Mod Menu | ESP | Aimbot | No Recoil | No Spread | and more!


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Playstore Link:

Root? No
Obb Needed? Yes
Game Version: 1.86.0

ESP (Lines, 2D Boxes, 3D Boxes, Distance, Health, Radar)​
Aimbot (Aim Check, Firing Check, FoV Check)​
Unlimited Grenades​
No Spread​
No Recoil​
Increased Damage​
All Perks​
Chat Spam​
Add Kills​
Add Assists​
Add Deaths​
Player Name​
Don't reset killstreak​
Field of View​
Reset Match​
Match Speed​
Local Player Size​
Enemy Player Size​

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  • Added an option for telekill. :newfeature:
  • Added a local player size/enemy player size changer. :newfeature:


1) Remove the original application from your device. This is not needed if you're installing an apk over an application that has the same signature.
2) Download, and install the modded apk.
3) Please note that with signed (non-root) mods, Google Play login is not possible. If Facebook is a login option, and you would like to use it, then please ensure that you remove it from your device.
1) Please ensure that your device is rooted!
2) Fully patch your device using Lucky Patcher. If you don't have Lucky Patcher, you can get it from here. If you haven't fully-patched your device, please follow the below steps;
2a) Open Lucky Patcher, and go to "Toolbox" (on the bottom menu), then select "Patch to Android".
2b) Select "Signature Verification status always True", and "Disable .apk Signature Verification". Then, press "Apply" :D.
2c) Once the patches have applied, reboot your device. Then, re-open Lucky Patcher.
2d) Go back to "Toolbox", then select "Patch to Android". Now select "Disable signature verification in the package manager", and apply.
3) Install the original game from the Playstore, and open it. Login with Google Play if it is an option.
4) Close the game, and install the modded apk over the original game.
5) Note that you can sign in through Google Play with this method! You can also sign-in with your Facebook account without needing to remove the application from your device.
1) Install the game from the Playstore to get the OBB files, or get the OBB files from another source. If you get the OBB files from another source, place it in the /android/obb/ directory.
2) Rename the games' OBB folder by adding or removing a character. You will find your games' OBB if you downloaded it directly from the Playstore in the /android/obb directory.
3) Remove the game from your device.
4) Rename the games' OBB folder to it's original name.
5) Install the mod apk.
6) If you need additional help, feel free to watch the video here;

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Playstore Link:

➡Root? No
➡Obb Needed? Yes
➡Game Version: 1.80.1

Mods for this game (in order of mod menu):
➡Crosshair (Slider)
➡Red (Slider)
➡Green (Slider)
➡Blue (Slider)
➡Enable ESP
➡ESP Lines
➡ESP Boxes
➡ESP Distance
➡3D ESP Box
➡ESP Health
➡Radar Crosshair
➡Enable Aimbot
➡Aiming Check
➡Firing Check
➡FoV Check
➡FoV (Slider)
➡Show Fov
➡Unlimited Grenades
➡No Spread
➡No Recoil
➡Increased Damage
➡All Perks
➡Chat Spam
➡Add Kills
➡Add Assists
➡Add Deaths
➡Player Name (Spinner)
➡Don't reset killstreak
➡Field of View (Slider)
➡Reset Match
➡Match Speed (Slider)

➡Apk: <b>[Hidden content]</b>
➡Obb: <b>[Hidden content]</b>


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