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FREE MOD Among Us - Imposter Modmenu v1.9.1 for Android - 10+ Player Mod, Emoji Chat, Change Name Style, Change Name Color, Chat Text Color and more!


New member
Sep 11, 2020

whats the program that i need to use to open this?


New member
Jun 14, 2021

⭐Playstore Link:

➡Root? No
➡Obb Needed? No
➡Game Version: 2021.4.12

⭐Whats New in v1.9.1?

- Fixed frame drop when using Max Light
- Fixed Alive text in Hide & Seek Mode
- Fixed a bug with Move in Meeting
- Fixed Show Impostors
- Fixed issues with Block Sabotage
- Fixed Sabotage All for non host
- Fixed A bug where Copy Player didn't work as Host during a meeting, Use this to spoof chat as Host
- Added Ability to Kick people who use Anti Host Ban/Kick like in <=v1.8x
- Added Change Chat Text Color
- Added Change Chat Text Style [Bold, Italics, Underline, Strike]
- Added Change Chat Text Size
- Added Emoji Chat - You can use one of the following to send emojis via chat
"😊, 😋, :love:, :cool:, 😁, :haha:, :lmao:, 😓, :eww:, 😉, :what:, 🤣, 😄, :sad:"

- Added Ability to use Emojis with Change Name (use those symbols ^)
- Added Ability to use Emojis with Change Lobby Name
- Added "Name Style" - Allows you to change the style of your name
- Added "Lobby Name Style" - Allows you to change the name style of other players in the lobby as host
- Added "Random Emoji Name" - Sets everyones Name to a Random Emoji.
- 10+ players with meeting

- Fixed a few UI Bugs in 2021.12.4
- Added "Show Radar" - Shows locations of all players in your crew/impostor map
- Added "Show Notifications" - Shows you an in game notification of whats happening
- Fixed an issue with Anti Host Kick/Ban not working during meeting when you are the Host.
- Added "Play MedBay Animation"
- Added "Drone View"
- Fixed "Max Light"
- Removed "Kill Other Impostors" from passive feature
- Added "Restore after Meeting"
- Added "Cycler Timers" for Identity/Color/Pet/Hat/Skin Cycler
- Added "Vote Kick Protection" - Choose which players you do not want to be kicked out from your lobby as Host
- Added "Lobby Name" - Change Everyones name as host
- Added "Lobby Color" - Forces Players in your lobby to choose a particular Color of your choice
- Added "Skip Votes For" - Skips Votes made For a Player of your choice.
- Added "Skip Votes From" - Skips Votes made by a particular Player in your Lobby.
- Added "Force Votes To" - Forces all players votes to a particular player/to Skip.
- Added "Lobby Color Cycler" - Change Everyones Colors as host
- Added "Lobby Identity Cycler" - Change Everyones Colors and Names simultaneously.
- Added "Lobby Identity Swapper" - Swaps Each players Colors and Names randomly.
- Added "Kick Player" - This can be used to Kick people who use "Anti Host Kick/Ban" feature
- Added "Ban Player" - This can be used to Ban people who use "Anti Host Kick/Ban" feature
- Fixed an issue with "Freeze Lobby" where the host was unable to move too.
- Fixed "Murder Crew" instant ban, it now adheres to the kill timer.
- Added "Spectate Player"
- Added "Fake Camera"
- Added No sabotage cooldown to "Lock All Doors"
- Fixed Sabotage All/Repair All for other maps
- Added "Allow Start Game" - Start game with < 4 players.
- Some improvements were made to Apocalypse Mode
100 players has been temporarily removed, I will update this in a few days.

- v1.8.1
- Fixed Lag on older devices
- Fixed Max light lag
- Rewrote some more things to improve efficiency.
- Updated apocalypse mode game end screen a little bit (some more work is required will do it for 1.9)
- Fake Alive renamed to Revive/Fake Alive
- Added Repeat Colours (As Host you can choose other players colours, use this with copy player or identity cycler to spoof message then press original player)

- Fixed Force Impostor
- Fixed a crash that occurs sometimes when you return back to the ship after a game.
- Added Freeze Lobby
- Block Sabotage now also Blocks Doors from being locked
- Added Game Modes (Hide & Seek, Apocalypse mode)
- Added Patches to Host/Join 100 player lobbies (Currently only 2 modes are playable)
- Added Ability to Kick modders that are using "Anti Host Kick/Ban" option from your lobby as host
- Added Ability to Kill your fellow Impostor team mate via the kill button.

- Fixed Fake Impostor and Fake Crewmate ending the game early
- Added Anti Host Kick/Ban
- Emergency Count, No Emergency Cooldown etc do not affect others players as host.
- Improved Name Changer, no need to type in chat then turn off etc, Give it a try.
- Added an option to Restore your Original Identity
- Identity features now automatically restores your original identity during a meeting if you are the host.
- Fixed an issue with Copy Player as Host that adds the number "1" to your name.
- Added Change On Vent
- Added Identity Cycler
- Added Block Meeting/Report
- Added Block Sabotage
- Added Vent On Murder
- Added Self Medbay Only
- Added Select Lobby Tasks
- Added a Passive feature that always gives sets one of your task as Medbay Scan if you are the host.
- Updated/Added Language translations for(Portuguese, Turkish, Korean, German, Persian, Arabic), Credits to the translators below.

- Fixed Crash issues with Max light
- Removed No shadows (Included with Max Light)
- Added Translation to Turkish, Russian and Korean as requested
- Added ability to turn off Ghost chat, Hide Ghost Chat,Hide chat and disable always move as requested
- Added Report on murder as requested
- Added ability to change custom server like skeld.net as requested
- Added Block Kill
- Added Cast Vote
- Added Skip Vote
- Added Quick Kill
- Added ability to change map as host (in game)
- Repair now repairs everything
- Fixed a crash issue with Lobby Info that occurs occasionally for users on lower android versions
- Reordered the menu as suggested by users

- Fixed Crash issues when using name changer
- Name Changer no longer requries Host
- Change Identity and Change on Murder no longer require host to change names
- Fixed Sabotage Loop for reactor
- Fixed Sabotage All (after the new update sabotage all was visual only, this has now been fixed)
- Added Fake Alive (Allows you to report bodies, fix sabotages and if you are the host you can also vote players)
- Added No Shadows
- Complete Player Task improved, no more banned for hacking when using this
- Repair feature now also repairs Lights

- Updated to support the new version of the game v2020.10.22a
- Fixed an issue where users had to restart the app after their first install
- Added Show Lobby Info
- Adjust Size of Lobby Information text (as requested by a user to include this)
- Decreased player speed range (as per user request)
- Max Light (Remove Light shadows)
- Fake Crewmate (Do crewmate tasks as the impostor)
- Name Changer (Host)
- Change Identity (Allows you to change your appearance non host and Changes your name too if you are the host)
- Change On Murder(Changes your appearance if you are not the host, Changes your appearance and name if you are the host)
- Copy Player (Copies Name of the player too if you are the host)
- Flip Skeld (Flips the skeld map when you are the host)
- Max Players (Allows you to set max player count as requested by a user to use in a custom server)
- Random Colour changer no longer requires you to be host
- Features that resulted in a ban have been removed

⭐Mods for this game (Full list):
1. Show Impostors
2. Show Lobby Info
3. Lobby Info size
4. Show Radar
5. Show Notifications
6. Anti Host Kick/Ban
7. [new] Always Move

8. Wall Hack
9. Play Medbay Animation
10. Player Speed Thanks to @Revasnake
11. Drone View
12. Max Light
13. Fake Impostor
14. Fake Crewmate
15. Fake Alive
16. Emergency Count
17. No Emergency Cooldown
18. Complete All Tasks
19. Kill Other Impostors

20. Restore on Meeting
21. Restore after Meeting
22. Repeat Colors
23. Change Name
24. [NEW] Name Color
25. [NEW] Name Style
26. Original Identity
27. Change Identity
28. Change On Murder
29. Change On Vent
30. Copy Player
31. Identity Cycler
32. Identity Cycler Timer (ms)
33. Colour Cycler (non host)
34. Pet Cycler Thanks to @Revasnake
35. Hat Cycler Thanks to @Revasnake
36. Skin Cycler Thanks to @Revasnake
37. Cycler Timer (ms)

Lobby Options [Host Only]
38. Vote Kick Protection
39. Change Lobby Name
40. Lobby Name Color
40. Lobby Name Style
41. Random Emoji Names
42. Force Lobby Color
43. Skip Votes For
44. Skip Votes From
45. Force Votes To
46. Lobby Color Cycler
47. Lobby Identity Cycler
48. Lobby Identity Swapper
49. Include me
50. Lobby Timer (ms)

Game Options
51. Skip Vote [Host]
52. Cast Vote [Host]
53. Kick Player [Host] // Kick others who use anti host/ban in your lobby
54. Ban Player [Host] // Ban others who use anti host/ban in your lobby
55. Block Meeting/Report [Host]
56. Block Sabotage [Host] ( Blocks sabotage and door locks)
57. Report Player
58. Report On Murder
59. Teleport me to Murderer
60. Teleport to Player
61. Attach to Player
62. Freeze Lobby [Host]
63. Murder Crew [Impostor]
64. Quick Kill [Impostor]
65. Murder Player [Impostor]
66. Spectate Player

67. [NEW] Fake Camera
68. Lock All Doors
69. Sabotage Loop (sabotages selected item when available i.e timer is up)
70. Sabotage Everything (sabotage all at once)
71. Repair All
72. Play Shield Animation (Play the shields task animation to pretend that you are not the impostor)
73. Play weapons Animation (Play the asteroids task animation to pretend that you are not the impostor)
74. Play Trash Animation (Play the Garbage task animation to pretend that you are not the impostor)

Chat Text Options
75. Color
76. Bold
77. Italics
78. Underline
79. Strike
80. Color Emojis
81. Text Size

Host Settings
82. [NEW] Allow Start Game
83. Flip Skeld [Host]
84. Change Map [Host]
85. Force Impostor [Host]
86. Impostor Count [Host] -- Thanks to @Revasnake
87. Select Impostor 1 [Host]
88. Select Impostor 2 [Host]
89. Select Impostor 3 [Host]
90. Block Kill [Host]
91. Kill cooldown [Host]
92. Self Medbay Only [Host] (Set all your tasks to Medscan if you are the host)
93. Select Lobby Tasks [Host] (Set all tasks of other players to Medbay/SimonSays or Downloads)
94. Game Modes [Host] (Hide & Seek, Apocalypse, Normal)

Custom Server Options
95. Host/Join 10+ Lobby(Turn it on and host/join lobbies in a custom server)
96. Custom Region [Host]

Passive Options
84. Hide Always Chat
85. Hide Ghosts and Ghost Chat
86. Disable move in meeting
88. Hide/Unhide Icon

Passive features included in the APK:
Change Guest account name by using the Randomize Button on the account tab
FreeChat Enabled for Guest account
Gives you one Medbay scan task as Host
See Ghost Chat
Unlock All Hats
Unlock All Skins
Unlock All Pets
Move in Meeting -- Thanks to @Revasnake
TextBox Character limit/Symbols -- Thanks to @Revasnake
Always enable chat
10 min Antiban
See Ghosts
No Ads
[new] Kick other players that use AntiHost Kick/ban

⭐ Preview:

➡Apk: <b>[Hidden content]</b>
<b>[Hidden content]</b>

How to Download (Unlock hidden link):

How to use the Mod:
- Download the APK file from the link above
- Install the APK file
- Open the app, it will ask you to allow draw over app permission, press allow

Found a bug? Feel free to message me, it may take a while for me to reply as I get a lot of them but I will try to reply to as many as I can :)

Known bugs:
1. Once you start please wait for approx 5-10 seconds in the main menu or the game may crash
2. Force impostor makes the lobby 1 Impostor only (Use select impostor)

⭐Mod Credit:
Rprop And64InlineHook
Cydia Substrate

⭐Translation Credit:
Trojan Virus is My Pet™#1998 - Turkish Translation
Deys & Dreamy#3663 - Russian Translation
네즈#1817 - Korean Translation
R0Y4L#5690 - German Translation
HassanGamer555 - Arabic Translation
AkitoAmino#9508 - Portuguese Translation