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READ Account Upgrades/VIP Account

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Staff member
Polar Testing Team
Oct 1, 2020
Account Upgrades / VIP Accounts

VIP grants you special access to VIP section, Can be used to access VIP Mods.

Q : What is VIP and whats VIP get?
VIP give you special access to our VIP Mod, unlike the other mod. We try to give you the best quality mod for you.

Q : Where i can buy VIP?

Q : Why VIP so expensive?
the converted price to your country maybe different, its can be cheaper or even expensive.

Q : I already paid for Accounts Upgrade, why my account didnt recieve the VIP?
Re-Login to your account, you should get it instantly or few minutes. The rare chase is due to payment process, it may takes 24h

Q : can i get VIP for free?
No, the only way to get VIP is to buy them since its give you special access to VIP Mod.

Q : Does VIP Mods are safe to use? And how long it will be updated if the game recently got updated
We will update the game as fast as we can! And yes! the mod is safe to use.

Q : Do i need to root to play the VIP Mods?
No, you dont need root. but some of them probably need root

Q : Any emulator that i can use for VIP Mod
you can use bluestacks

Q : The game doesnt work / The feature have bugs in it. Where i can report that?
Tags the Modder in the game thread and write the issue there.

Q : theres a game that i want, how i request it?

Q : i want to buy but i need more info about it
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