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  1. XADF


    ⭐ Game Link: ⭐Mods for this game: ➡GODMODE //unfortunately only against 99%. ➡UNLIMITED AMMO //IF YOU HAVE AT LEAST 1 BULLET ➡CHANGE STARS //SLIDER More coming soon! ⭐Downloads: ➡Mod: How to use: 1. Download...
  2. XADF

    FREE MOD Need For Speed Heat | Unlimited Money | Godmode

    ⭐ Game Link: ⭐Mods for this game: ➡ Unlimited Money! ➡ Godmode ⭐Downloads: ➡Mod: Download ⭐How to Use? : 0: TURN OFF INTERNET CONNECTION! 1: Download the .exe file and open it. 2: Type in how much money you want to get. 3...
  3. XADF

    Awaiting Update Egg, Inc. v. Mod | UNLIMITED CURRENCY |

    ⭐Playstore Link: ⭐Info: ➡Root? Yes/No ➡Obb Needed? Yes/No ➡Game Version: ⭐Mods for this game: ➡ UNLIMITED CURRENCY ⭐Downloads: ➡Apk: ⭐Preview: ⭐Tutorials: ➡How...
  4. XADF

    Awaiting Update Egg, Inc. v.1.20.4 Mod | Free Purchases |

    ⭐Playstore Link: ⭐Info: ➡Root? No ➡Obb Needed? No ➡Game Version: ⭐Mods for this game: ➡Free Purchases // ONLY FOR CASH! ⭐Downloads: ➡Apk: ⭐Tutorials: ➡How to register at...
  5. XADF

    FREE MOD v.2.2.1 Mod Menu | OneHit | UnlimitedAmmo | fastHpRegen | VipPass | Speed Multiplier

    ⭐Playstore Link: ⭐Info: ➡Root? No ➡Obb Needed? No ➡Game Version: ⭐Mods for this game: ➡ OneHit ➡ Unlimited Ammo ➡ fastHpRegeneration ➡ VipPass Unlocked ➡ Speed x2 ➡ Speed x3 ➡ Speed x4 ➡ Speed x5 ➡ Speed x10 //PROBABLY SHARED WITH...
  6. XADF

    Awaiting Update Harvest It! v.1.11 Mod | UNLIMITED CURRENCY | NoAds

    ⭐Playstore Link: ⭐Info: ➡Root? No ➡Obb Needed? No ➡Game Version: 1.11 ⭐Mods for this game: ➡Unlimited Currency ➡No Ads ⭐Downloads: ➡Apk: ⭐Tutorials: ➡How to...
  7. XADF

    FREE MOD HeadHunters io v3.1.103 | Unlimited Money | NoAds

    ⭐Playstore Link: ⭐Info: ➡Root? Yes/No ➡Obb Needed? Yes/No ➡Game Version: 3.1.103 ⭐Mods for this game: ➡Unlimited Money ➡No Ads ⭐Downloads: ➡Apk: ⭐Tutorials: ➡How to...
  8. XADF

    FREE MOD Space Frontier v.1.2.3 | Unlimited Money | NoAds

    ⭐Playstore Link: ⭐Info: ➡Root? Yes/No ➡Obb Needed? Yes/No ➡Game Version: 1.2.3 ⭐Mods for this game: ➡Unlimited Money ➡NoAds ⭐Downloads: ➡Apk: <b>[Hidden content]</b> ⭐Tutorials: ➡How to register at +...
  9. XADF

    FREE MOD CALL OF GUNS v.1.8.18 | Mod Menu |

    ⭐Playstore Link: ⭐Info: ➡ Root? No ➡ Obb Needed? Yes ➡ Game Version: 1.8.18 ⭐Mods for this game (in order of mod menu): ➡ One hit kill ➡ No skill cooldown ⭐Downloads: ➡Apk: <b>[Hidden content]</b> ➡Obb: <b>[Hidden content]</b>...
  10. XADF

    Help! How to mod this kind of function?

    Hey, does anyone know how to mod something like this? ( BigInteger ) // UserData // Token: 0x06000E3B RID: 3643 RVA: 0x00006D20 File Offset: 0x00004F20 [Token(Token = "0x6000ADC")] [Address(RVA = "0x930EF0", Offset = "0x930EF0", VA = "0x930EF0")] public BigInteger GetGold() { return...
  11. XADF

    Solved How to mod this kind of game? ( non lil2cpp )

    Hey guys, I've tried to mod a game called "Sand:Box", hes really simple and only 3Mb large. He has one data in the lib folder... But this one is not interesting... Nothing to mod ( Ive seen with IDA ) and very small.... Where can I find the function then? ( NOT IN LIB ) Its a kind of function...

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